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Farm / Agribusiness Insurance

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Farm and agribusiness owners know that insurance is strategically important to their farm’s success, protection, and peace of mind. All farmers and companies engaged in agribusiness face enormous risks every day. Fortunately, many of these risks can be covered by insurance – provided you have the right policies and guidance. While most businesses need general liability, property, auto, and workers’ compensation insurance to operate, farms and agribusinesses have unique insurance needs. 

Ag Insurance Advisors has a 4 Step Evaluation process that our farm clients depend on. This evaluation combined with our annual in person consultation is the reason for our industry leading client retention. 

We serve all types of farms and agribusiness: 

  • Row Crop – grain and seed operations 
  • Cattle farms 
  • Irrigation Pivots
  • Feed Milling Operations
  • Poultry, Chicken, and Turkey Farms 
  • Hog Confinement operations 
  • Fruit and vegetable growers 
  • Grower, packer, and shipping operations 
  • Peanut point buying, processors, and shellers 
  • Feed and grain storage facilities and distributors 

What Is Covered with Farm/Agribusiness Insurance?

A farm or agribusiness insurance policy must be individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the enterprise. You select the level of coverage that is right for your operations and the causes of loss that apply, based on the types of risks associated with your activities. Insurers offer basic, broad, and special coverages, depending on the type of operations, amount of property, and other factors. Your operation will determine with your Ag Insurance Advisor if replacement cost or actual cash value protection is needed for each item insured. 

Cost of Farm/Agribusiness Insurance

The cost of your farm or agribusiness insurance will be determined by the insurer you choose the types and amounts of coverage you need, and where your business operations are located. Our advisors will custom tailor a farm or agribusiness policy to suit your unique business needs and provide the opportunity for Ag Insurance Advisors to put our 4 Step process to work for you today.

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